Apple TV 2.0 & 4:3 Aspect Ratio

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I have not bought an Apple TV yet because I have a SD TV with component inputs but I am limited to good old 4:3. I know there are hacks out there using displayutil ( which allow for the aspect ratio of the Apple TV to be changed but if I didn't have to hack one I would prefer it. I'm fairly certain were just talking about a preference setting in some .plist file somewhere. In any case, anyone else have hopes that Apple TV 2.0 software update will deliver multiple aspect ratios? I for one have my fingers crossed.


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    Doubtful. That functionality was purposely left out.

    The only justification I can think of is that the current setup makes it virtually impossible to accidentally watch something at the wrong aspect ratio. Unfortunately, the general public is incapable of using aspect ratio controls correctly. Putting controls in the interface would likely make it so that a significant percentage of customers end up watching stretcho-vision.

    Err... scratch that. The AppleTV does 480p over component. So it is possible to play video at the wrong aspect ratio.
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    I just think its pretty silly to support 480p let alone 480i seeing that nearly every HD TV can do better than this, while 480i is pretty old school.
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