Should I return my Macbook Pro bought on Jan 19?

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I hear a new updated version of the macbook pro will be coming out anytime now, and I would hate to see that happen considering i just bought one. I have until Feb. 2 to, and would make me cash out an extra 200$ for restocking. FYI i bought the base one 1999$ at an actual apple store

overall i love it to death but im in that consumerist mentality always wanting the best...

so should i:

a) wait till jan 28-Feb1 and see if there is any more news. if there is on a set date, return it. if not, keep the one i got now

b) return it and wait

c) keep what i have


-if i took it back, i know i would have to pay a 200$ restocking fee...but would i be refunded the tax too? cuz thats another 200$ in itself...

-also, if i were to, would it be wise/unwise to reinstall mac os x with the cds? cuz i put some software on it such as Microsoft Office 2008, Limewire, etc.


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    mr. memr. me Posts: 3,221member
    Originally Posted by dmb3886 View Post

    I hear a new updated version of the macbook pro will be coming out anytime now, ...

    No, you hear rumors that a new updated version of the MacBook Pro will be released soon. You don't base purchasing decisions on rumors. Look. The MacBook Pro is a technology product. As such, it is perpetually within months of a new version. You have a good machine that you seem to like. It is a waste of financial, mental, and emotional resources to fret over rumors.
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    banchobancho Posts: 1,517member
    You've got a fantastic machine. Personally, I'd stick with it and enjoy it. The updates are usually evolutionary, rather than revolutionary so unless you were talking about a machine that was a couple years old the new ones won't be *that* much better than the model you bought.

    The other burn would be losing $200 for essentially a few days use of the current machine. It would have to be one spectacular update indeed to make me feel better about throwing that kind of money away.
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    lets see that update announcement apppleeeee

    the penyrn chips have shippedddddd

    7 days left!
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    Nah, stick with what you've got. Option c.

    It's not worth it to return your current one, pay the restocking fee, then to buy a new one for the same or possibly greater price for only a few updates that aren't completely essential anyway.

    Keep what you've got.
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    Keep what you have. The only upgrade there is going to be is a new track pad ala Macbook Air. And maybe faster speeds up to 2.8 Ghz or so. Unless your brain has an atomic clock in it, you will never notice the difference between 2.4 and 2.8. Don't worry about it, keep what you have and ENJOY!!!!!!!!!
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