Time Capsule + Additional Hard Drive?

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Is it possible to plug an additional USB hard drive(s) into Time Capsule?

If so, do you need to specify backup to the specific drive, or can you just set it to backup to Time Capsule and have it 'spill over' to those drives when it's full?


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    feraliferali Posts: 175member
    now what do you have that takes up more than a TB of space?
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    *rolls eyes*

    More than one computer...
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    feraliferali Posts: 175member
    hmm still. maybe its just me but my house has 5 computers and i dont think we would need a TB of backup. Maybe it's because we all use the same itunes library through streaming? hah and even that collection is just over 100 GB.
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    Videos mount up a lot of space...

    One of the iMacs alone has 1TB of space.
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    Yeah, and without talking videos (which I'm just starting to hard-drive-itize (ain't new fake words wonderful?), I'm pushing close to 400 gigs of music (with over half my CD collection still to transfer over). Naw, multiple computers, large music collection and videos definitely make up a greater than 1 TB of space.
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    Holy Hey-soos... how many songs are in your 100GB collection? I have 10k and its only 50GB...
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