Taxes, baby!

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Okay to set the stage i am from Canada (so as ppl dont confuse anything)

I also am a uni student and get to use the education canada website

So i'm asking about the cheapest mbp (ya i know of the looming updates)

So in US it is 2000

In canada it is 2200

In canada education it is 2000 (so 200 discount on prices and a little on each upgrades ~30)

So my question is that the total also is the same as the sub total

So there are no taxes (and this is at the pay with what card) page

Is this true? Cause it saves me 13% (ONtario) or 260 dollars.

Thanks in advance


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    so i was wondering if anyone knew anything as 76 viewed it but none responded
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    onlookeronlooker Posts: 5,252member
    Maybe if your thread title would have had a better description you would have gotten people viewing that had some idea, but with just "Taxes baby!" as your title who knows what you want. In the US it's tax time and I assumed you were talking about the money you got from your tax return. I have no idea about your situation. I have to assume you've had 76 similar viewers that had no idea what you wanted.
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