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Does IPhoto store all your photos in one file, or can they be stored as separate picture files? Does Time Machine automatically backup this file (or folder) automatically too? Thanks.


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    I can't address the Time Machine question, but I can possibly help with the other ones. iPhoto 08 stores everything in one "package" so-to-speak. You can browse through the package however by right-clicking and selecting "Browse Package Contents" or something along those lines. You can then access all your photos individually. Kind of a forewarning, don't mess with (add/delete) any pictures when accessing that way. It apparently messes things up in iPhoto...

    Here's a screenshot of what I'm talking about

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    Iphoto stores in a database, the iphoto library, all photos, one file. It's part of your user home folder, so it backs up seamlessly with time machine.

    The database configuration is why you can't play with the files individually. Iphoto doesn't point to folders, like other similar software does. It takes them in.

    I have 8000 photos. Management of them within the previous iphoto was tedious, what with "folder" type interface it emulated in the iphoto window.

    The new one, iPhoto 08, has event management and batch change(to keywords, descriptions, event association and groupings) . I find 08 to be light years ahead of the older for my large library. I assign keywords(within descriptions) when I have time, and it gets easier and easier to find my stuff.
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