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So I understand that apple recently rolled out the 16gb iphone. I have been wanting one for quite a while but I have been waiting for them to do an upgrade before I spent the money. Is now the time to buy a 16gb iphone? Or should I wait for a second gen? If I buy one now, will there be a software upgrade that moves it to the 3G network if apple chooses to follow that path, or would I have to buy a new phone?


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    If you want it then buy it man. If there is one thing everyone will notice or say about apple is that they will always have a update within 18 months of release of a product. Enjoy it now. im buying only the 8 gig iphone today and I will wait to upgrade in a year or so when they release a 32 or 60 gig model with 3g.

    The problem Mr jobs states is battery life is killed with 3g network so they are working on solutions. I can atest to this as I have a Helio ocean as my phone now and after a hour on the phone my battery is at one bar. Like I said buy it man and enjoy it until something else comes you feel you want to upgrade to.
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    Also, the 3G iPhone will contain different hardware (3G chipset) so you'll have to buy a new phone to move to the 3G network. I think the 3G version will be *announced* within 1-2 months, but will not be available until September/October.
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    Also, Keep in mind that you can always sell your old iPhone on ebay or craigslist and recoup some of your investment.

    That's what I did. I just bought the 16gig and even if Apple introduces the 3G version 2.0 in 6 months or even less, I'll just wait and see if is it worth the upgrade. If it is, then just sell it and get the new one. It's a no brainer. You probably will be able to sell the 16gig for maybe at least $300 out of the $500 you first paid.

    So it's not so bad and you will always stay on top if that matters to you.
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    so what did u end up doing?
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