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sorry if this is a dumb question but what is the difference between intel centrino and intel duo core? is it the same? is it different?


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    The Core 2 Duo is a processor, Centrino is a chipset including Intel's proc's and wireless networking.
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    "Centrino" is the name of intel's laptop "platform". It is a marketing name given to a collection of chips that form the majority of the chips for the motherboard for a laptop. The Centrino platform includes:
    • A CPU.

    • An "integrated" GPU (the GPU is a seperate chip, but it doesn't have its own graphics RAM).

    • Northbridge - this connects to the CPU on the FSB (front side bus) and to RAM on the RAM bus.

    • Southbridge - connects to the northbridge and interfaces to all the peripheral busses, e.g. USB, Firewire, PCIe etc.

    • Wireless 802.11 chipset.

    For a laptop to be marketed as "Centrino", it has to have all of the above chips from Intel's Centrino range. Neither the MacBook nor the MacBook Pro are Centrino laptops, as the MacBook doesn't have Intel's wireless chips (Apple use a different vendor), and the MacBook Pro doesn't have the integrated graphics chip (it uses a more powerful NVidia GPU) or Intel's wireless chip.

    There's no such thing as "intel duo core". Presumably what you were after was "Intel Core Duo", which is the name of an Intel CPU. It is a 32 bit dual-core chip and somewhat confusingly, doesn't use Intel's "Core" Microarchitecture, rather it is a minor tweak of the older Pentium-M, which in turn was based on the Pentium III microarchitecture.

    The Intel Core 2 Duo, currently used in all Apple's Macs, is a 64-bit dual-core "Core" Microarchitecture CPU.

    Try searching for some of this stuff on Wikipedia for hours of amusement...
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    thanks for the clarification. btw i meant intel core duo. not duo core. sry bout that. i always wondered about this because i would see the little labels near laptop keyboards either saying intel centrino or intel core 2 duo. i thought they were in the same category class.
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