UPdate and battery life????

in iPhone edited January 2014
Have any of you guys been experiencing low battery levels since the 1.1.4 update? The past couple of days my battery has died twice. Also it has been locking up.


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    cdlcdl Posts: 6member
    I've noticed my battery getting very low by the end of the day, where as before 1.1.4, that didn't happen.
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    yea thats what its doing.
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    Whats your average usage in a day?

    How many mintues talking?

    How many mintues watching video/listening to music?


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    tutumiles1tutumiles1 Posts: 115member
    I see the same problems as well.
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    bavlondon2bavlondon2 Posts: 694member
    So are you saying it doesnt even make it through a day with moderate use? I thought battery life was one of best plus points right from day 1 but it seems with every firmware update, the battery life has gone down.
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