MacBook Keyboard Replacements

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What would be the process to replace a Keyboard of a MacBook, in order to get a different keyboard layout?

Say, I have a MacBook with a US Keyboard, and now I want to replace it with a CH keyboard.

Is there some place I could buy that CH keyboard and then install it myself?

If not, then does Apple offer such keyboard replacements, for a reasonable price?


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    j120387j120387 Posts: 56member
    you could check ebay.
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    yvonyvon Posts: 40member
    as far as I know it's not possible to change the keyboard on a Macbook
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    j120387j120387 Posts: 56member
    its possible to change it, but it would void the warranty if there was one on the specific laptop. there are how-to guides on how to do it. just google it.
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    rokkenrokken Posts: 236member
    I've got the same question. I wish Apple can offer service to change the US keyboard with a Norwegian one. It's annoying to guess where certain signs are.
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