New MBP: Need SD/Smart Card Reader...

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Is there such thing as an adapter that fits in the express card slot? Or do I need a USB-type reader?

In any case, is this a generic sort of item I may find at, say, Office Depot? (I have a 40% off coupon there, good until tomorrow if I get a response here, with "brand name" recommendation by then!) ...or Radio Shack?

Or is this something I need to fetch from an Apple-type retailer? (There's one of those in town, too, and the price for the USB doohickey is $40.)

Advice will be appreciated!


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    j120387j120387 Posts: 56member
    i have seen card readers that will work in the express card slot. they're out there. you could also check out ebay too.
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    cakecake Posts: 1,010member
    I've got the SIIG ExpressCard that audiopollution linked and it works beautifully with my MBP.
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    fjpoblamfjpoblam Posts: 126member
    Thanks for that SIIG link! I'm a headin' right over to Radio Shack toot sweet!
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