New MacBook (2/2008) doesn't start up (right after unpacking)

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A new MacBook (the middle model - 2.4 GHz, 2GB RAM, SuperDrive) just came to me.

After unpacking and wiring it up, I start the MacBook, the Startup sound plays, the grey screen appears and then the grey screen stays. There is no Apple Logo and no fanning circle below. Just grey.

I've tried the following:

- Resetting the PRAM

- Starting with pressing the Option/Alt key, no volume shows up, not even the Install DVD

- Starting with pressing the C key, forcing to boot from the inside DVD. Nothing happened. Just the grey screen.

- Starting with pressing the T key, forcing to load into Target Disk Mode. Grey screen again.

That was it.

Has anyone ever encountered this problem before?

I spoke to the Apple Service, and they said to bring it by, but since my weekend is full of work, I just thought maybe here I can find some help.

Any help and tip is appreciated.

Thanks and good night, or morning, or even day.


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    kmac1036kmac1036 Posts: 278member
    Can you boot from the DVDs?

    It sounds like it's DOA. Demand a new one so you get the new rev!
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