Apple sued over foundations to iPod + iTunes franchise



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    Originally Posted by pdiddy View Post

    Servers sending data to devices over a network? Isn't that just the internet?

    Go back farther.

    This is a means for this coming to get free publicity.
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    What's wrong with Apple's lawyers anyway? They need to recommend that Apple BUY the Marshall Division of Texas immediately!
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    Originally Posted by Paladinkn00be View Post

    It would work better by being ambiguous, while being very specific

    at least thats how the IP lawyers do it...

    for example.

    "a means to deliver a substance, whether said substance is in a solid or liquid state, from an opening in an oral region of an animal like creature to a reservoir area where said substance is to be broken down through a means of a chemical bath(reference patent # 97351972). From said reservoir area, the said substance is transported through a series of tunnels where more chemicals are incorporated in a process to further break down said substance. When said substance reaches the end of said tunnel, the substance is then disposed of"

    now you owe me money for eating

    Nope, he owes Al Gore. Eating's just a bunch of tubes, like the internet.
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