HELP!!! I think my laptop is fried

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I registered here to ask this question, so I am not sure if I am posting it in the right spot ... but here goes ... and I am very UN tech savvy, so please, if you have any info for me, could you try to make it as easy to understand as possible ...

I don't know what I installed, or what I deleted, but I was playing around trying to install a program to convert .avi's to .mov's, and my computer got majorly screwed (I think) ... btw, its a 3 year old powerbook that I am using, with an older version of OSX... I can't be sure of which version though

My computer started acting a little strange, programs freezing and not starting, so I restarted the computer. When it got back to the desktop screen, the icon bar on the bottom of the screen was the only thing that showed up. None of my desktop icons or the bar on the top of the screen is displayed now, and any of the programs I try to run from the bottom bar wont start ... and thats pretty much the problem... I have no clue what to do now ...

I tried to run the operating system Install/Restore disk, but when I turn on the computer and hold the C key as instructed by the label on the disk, it gets to the gray screen with the apple logo but then the logo shifts just a couple millimeters to the right and some lines or dots appear to the left of it, and that screen just stays there ... so I am assuming the computer is just frozen at that point ...

So ... thats where I am ... I don't know what to do know ... If anyone can help me, please do so ... I could really use some instruction ...


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    Turn it off, unplug it, remove the battery, let it sit for a few minutes.

    Now put the battery back in and/or plug it in and re-start... it may or may not help. Look up the key-combo to reset the PRAM on startup while you're at it.

    Other than that, there's not much else YOU can do if it won't get through the boot sequence.
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    Reset the Power Management Unit. You can check the Apple site for instructions.
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    If you have a buddy with a Mac, take it over to his house, connect the two computers by Firewire, and start up your computer while holding T. That should mount your hard drive on his computer, letting you copy anything crucial off the drive (if it's not fried or erased). That won't fix things, but it'll get you your data back.
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