GeForce 8800 for old Mac Pros

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Back in January, AI posted an article claiming that Nvidia was working on a version of the 8800 for Mac Pros that don't have PCI Express 2.0.

Does anyone know what ever happened with that? I don't recall seeing it mentioned ever again.


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    No replies, so I don't know if anyone else is interested in this. In case anyone is, though, I was browsing the World of Warcraft Mac technical support forum a few minutes ago, and ran in to this interesting thread.

    Apparently, Blizzard has been in talks with Apple trying to get Apple to ship the GeForce 8800 GT for first gen Mac Pros. Nothing solid has come of the discussions yet,
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    trowatrowa Posts: 176member
    I wouldn't hold my breath. This probably won't come out for a while. Nvidia probably needs Apple's help to get an Apple non PCI Express 2.0 card out. And Apple would most likely prefer you purchase the newer Mac Pro towers.

    You best bet, if you need this right away, is to check out the OSx86 community and see if they have anything in the works.

    OSx86 Project/Graphics Cards

    Check to see if anyone was able to flash the ROM from a Mac 8800 GT to a PC version. That's probably the only way you can get one to work in you Mac Pro.

    Right now we can't use PC graphic cards off the shelf because Apple uses EFI. PC's rely on BIOS. So the PC graphics cards won't be able to boot on our Mac's. however, the future looks bright. It seems BIOS will be replaced by EFI in future PC motherboards. But this won't happen for the next couple of years.
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