Macbook: Now or wait?

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I am completely aware of all the rumours flying around saying that there will be a new macbook soon. However, I want a macbook now.

At the moment, I would buy the MacBook option 2, because of the 2GB Ram, and the Superdrive. I don't really mind about the 2.4GHz processor, but - because of the speed difference, I still prefer having this faster processor.

However, I really badly want a MacBook. It would be my first laptop, and I hate working with PCs, so I'd rather not wait at all and get the MacBook now, but I don't want to be complaining a month or so later saying that I should of waited when the new ones are out.

Because of this, I am stuck. I am simply asking what would you do in my situation, and whether you think it is worth the wait or not.




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    yvonyvon Posts: 40member
    Macbook re great computers. I realy like mine.

    I don't think the new macbook will be much powerful.

    If you don't mind about the white look,I would buy it right now.
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    pbpb Posts: 4,248member
    The Macbook has been update in November 2007 and then in February 2008. So, one more update in the next weeks or in summer has very slim chances at this point. My guess is that the next update will be not sooner that autumn 2008.
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