New macbook pros?

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dropped mine today and its done for. When are the new ones coming out?

and what are the rumored upgrades to it?


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    hobbithobbit Posts: 532member
    No one knows. And those who do can't talk.

    What is known is that Intel's Montevina laptop platform goes on sale late May/early June.

    So if we're lucky it means new MacBook Pros at or around WWDC.

    If we're unlucky Apple will take its time to introduce them and it might get as late as September.

    So anywhere between June and September is a reasonable guess.

    The known new features of Montevina are a faster memory bus and support for HDMI, BluRay, WiMax and memory > 4GB.

    If and whether Apple will make use of any of these is your guess.
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    samnuvasamnuva Posts: 225member
    Apple Updated the MBPs two months ago. I doubt an update will come soon.
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    tailpipetailpipe Posts: 345member
    Originally Posted by Samnuva View Post

    Apple Updated the MBPs two months ago. I doubt an update will come soon.

    The MBP was meant to be updated in January, but Intel was late with its new Penryn chip so the revised machines was delayed to February. With a six month interval between updates, July would be the logical time to update again, especially since most if not all of Apple's competitors will have launched Montevina-based machines by this time.

    My money is on a 9th June announcement and an on-sale date of midnight 30th June.

    Expect case redesign with new style keyboard, larger multi-gesture track pad, slightly thinner form factor and lower weight.
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    mellomello Posts: 555member
    I'll be waiting for a quad-core with a blu-ray burner

    before I will replace my 17" powerbook. I'm guessing

    that I'll have to wait about a year.
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    Very small chance of being correct... but I'm saying speed-bumped MBPs (no case re-design) June 2. Apple traditionally bumps something a week before a large keynote to generate hype. I believe the WWDC spotlight will be on the iPhone alone (3G iPhone 2.0, SDK, new apps, and new media services through iTunes).

    I hope I am wrong, and that they redesign the whole thing for a WWDC introduction like many predict. But I've learned the more conservative Apple predictions are more likely to be correct, with a few exceptions like the iPhone.

    Nonetheless, to have iMacs clocking 400Mhz faster than the MBP is uncharacteristic of Apple. Something will happen to them by July, guaranteed. The Back-to-School buying season is too profitable to ignore.

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    techgirltechgirl Posts: 21member
    How long does it take to get your hands on a new model once it is announced/released? I mean, if I order one, will I be able to walk in and get it immediately or does it take awhile to ship? I seem to remember it taking people a couple of weeks to receive their penryn mbps.
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