iPhone Video Conferencing

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I saw a commercial for the a new LG phone for AT&T. It looked like it had video conferencing on it. I judge that by the end of the commercial where a guy is looking into his phone and a girl is looking at her phone with his face, and he says, "I'm here." So I pretty much think this phone had Vid Conferencing.

With little evidence of it for the iPhone, do you think apple is keeping this one a secret? The only thing that has me thinking differently is the fact that it isnt in the new firmware leak. I think it would be a cool feature on the phone.

What are you thoughts on the subject?


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    wizard69wizard69 Posts: 12,860member
    That would be my take on the issue of video conferencing.

    As to the issue of the next generation iPhone who knows, you would not expect Apple to have all the beans in the field now. If not this generation Apple certainly will have such in later generations.

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