Old Apple Menu? Why?

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OK, I missed some things about the old Apple Menu, my short-cuts to applications, etc. To substitute I placed them in folders in the dock. I had never noticed until I accidently right clicked on one of those folders just now but all my old functions are right there.

If I got really ambitious I could even find or make an apple logo to put all my current folders in. When you right click you can navigate through just like you could in the old Apple menu.

May be common knowledge but I never noticed until now and I guess I don't see the reason to have the old Apple menu back with that available. Now if they could just make it pull the same menu up when I drag a file over the icon I'd be in heaven!


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    I have several folders in the dock, filled with aliases, and then the documents folder in the dock. I put custom icons on them so I could tell them apart.

    So now I have 4 Apple menus in the dock, and each one is better organized and has less clutter than the old apple menu. I can always access the menus, and I find them to be easier to customize than the Apple menu (just click on them and the folder opens!).

    I fail to understand why anyone would rather go back to a single apple menu cluttered with system controls.
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    [quote]Originally posted by Junkyard Dawg:


    I fail to understand why anyone would rather go back to a single apple menu cluttered with system controls.</strong><hr></blockquote>

    ..uh! I'm sure nobody talking about the Apple Menu wanted it the way Apple implemented it in classical Mac OS. Most people I know use AMICO ( or some other customizing extension for that matter) to give their Apple Menu dividing lines, subfolders with custom icons, custom item arrangement etc. That is the "AppleMenu" I think people were referring to when they moaned the late Apple Menu in X.

    However, custom icons and subfolders work now with the dock as well. But I am in want of some arranging and separating means within those subfolders. So far the items in those folders are in plain alphabetical order, which is not what I need.

    Also it would be very nice, if those folder content lists popping up would inherit the properties of the dock, transparency e.g. to match the selected dock style. As it is now those white rectangular spaces with the small triangle attached look more like comic speech bubbles.
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