" PubSubAgent " Pop-up in Mail

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
Does anyone here know how to fix this annoying problem that has rendered my Mail unusable ? I searched the Apple Discussion Forums and there seems to be no clear fix ... This is extremely annoying , having just recently switched from Windows based PC's , using Apple's Mail program was one of the things I was enjoying most , then this ...

PS If this is addressed elsewhere and I have missed it , I apologize


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    MarvinMarvin Posts: 14,472moderator
    There are alternatives to Mail, you can use Thunderbird or Entourage if you have Office. Entourage is actually pretty good IMO. For example, when you first setup your account, Mail takes ages to verify your mail settings, Entourage just zips right through. Mail still uses drawers too, yuck.

    Do you use .Mac or is it unrelated to .Mac syncing?

    Also, can you post the crash report you get from the dialog box.
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    aegisdesignaegisdesign Posts: 2,914member
    PubSubAgent is in charge of the RSS feeds. What pop-up are you getting?
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