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Hi to all,

TIA with any help. I'm a noobie, so please bear with me.

I purchased a 20" 2.0 iMac with 2 gb ram this Jan. My use is pretty much casual: ichat,e-mail, photos and music for the most part. I've installed iWork and Adobe CS3 suite (still pretty clueless-but that's another story). All my software is up to date.

I have had no problems until last week. It started with not waking from sleep with the usual keystroke/mouse click. I would have to push the power button. Didn't seem to matter if it went idly to sleep or if I chose sleep from menu. Then it would not go to sleep, when I tried to choose sleep from the apple menu it would sleep momentarily then wake up.

So, the first thing I did was to shut down and unplug everything (this includes a Brother laser jet printer, ethernet cable, apple keyboard and mouse, and JBL Spot speakers) then restart after at least 15 seconds with things plugged back in. I did this several times and the problem persisted. So I shut down, unplugged and left it overnight while I perused the forums for an answer while at work. In the morning I restarted and immediately repaired disk permissions, while only the keyboard and mouse were connected.

Things seemed fine at first, but now the problem persists. This morning I had to push the power button again to wake.

I cannot find an issue with any other applications. I am open to any suggestion.

Thanks for looking at my problem, any help would be appreciated.



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    bcw65bcw65 Posts: 3member
    any input?
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    sequitursequitur Posts: 1,910member
    Your computer is still under warrantee. If bobmarksdale's suggestion doesn't work, call Apple and explain the problem. They are good at fixes.

    Welcome to AppleInsider.
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    bcw65bcw65 Posts: 3member
    Thanks for the input.

    since last post i've reinstalled 10.5.3 combo update. reset the pram. repaired disc permissions. and reset the smc.

    the sleep issues still exist though it is far less consistent, and therefore harder to track.

    i'll keep you posted.
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