AT&T memos detail iPhone 3G unbricking tool, crowd planning, more...



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    jeg815jeg815 Posts: 9member
    I moved my GoPhone iPhone to a 2 year contract 2 weeks ago at an AT&T store. The store connected my iPhone to a computer with iTunes running, I had to enter my information. It didn't sync anything. I'm guessing this is how the activation is going to take place. I was told I had to activate my iPhone in the store, not at home through iTunes.
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    josa92josa92 Posts: 193member
    Originally Posted by 8CoreWhore View Post

    More like NY Giants.

    oh snap.

    & "ensure customers are iReady"?


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    anantksundaramanantksundaram Posts: 20,391member
    Originally Posted by Hutcho View Post

    I think you mean Apple Fan Boys..

    You should perhaps read more carefully: he did say 'fellow geeks/tech.....'
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    hutchohutcho Posts: 132member
    Originally Posted by anantksundaram View Post

    You should perhaps read more carefully: he did say 'fellow geeks/tech.....'

    In which case I meant "fellow Apple Fan Boys"..
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    Originally Posted by dagamer34 View Post

    I am squemish about letting any AT&T employee touch my damn iPhone 3G. I wonder what the Apple store protocol is likely to be.

    this is a big deal and no one else on this board wants to raise it. we obviously have a lot of people here that won't mind sleeping in front of an AT&T store in a cardboard box next thursday
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