Apple Genius Test/Qualifications?

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I'm a 16 year old that got invited to a group interview to become an Apple Genius. I knew it was going to be difficult, but I had no clue what I would be getting myself in to. I really wanted a summer job with Apple, and I thought being an Apple Genius would be a great way to start off my career experience (I've never had a job before). I'm fairly decent in knowing technology. I know a lot about basic computer hardware (Universal Serial Bus vs. Firewire, Blu-Ray vs. DVD, Contrast ratios, how to get yourself an external Blu-Ray drive on an Apple Machine using an internal optical drive, etc.). I'm not trying to toot my own horn when I say I am fairly intelligent and capable. I'm just worried I won't be good enough to become an Apple Genius. Honestly, I just wanted to be one of the sales associates, but maybe a bit more. I honestly didn't know exactly what it meant to be an Apple Genius. Last night I studied for about 30 minutes about the Megahertz Myth thinking it would be on the test. The Megahertz Myth for all you who don't know is the myth that the clock speed of the processor determines how many calculations and processes can be done in a certain amount of time. I watched a YouTube video on it where Jon Rubinstein explained it. I was able to grasp the information farily easily, and I feel I could do that with anything computer related. I want a job where I deal with computers and people, because I can put computer language into simple English extremely easily. I help my parents ALL THE TIME with their dumb computer issues, and some have been pretty complicated. I have a Dell, and very recently it completely broke down, and I was able to fix it back up completely. I have used Macs many times before and I can run the OS very smoothly, just I don't know every little detail and coding about the OS. Another problem is my parents think that Apple thought I was looking for a full time job. I'm going into 12th grade, so school is a priority for me, and I'm only going to need a job for hte next 7-8 weeks. I read online that if I do in fact pass the test and make it far enough, I would have to fly out to Cupertino, Califronia for some training. All in all, I'm not sure if I'm qualified enough, or if I can do it. Please tell me what you guys think, and if you think I"m capable of becomming an Apple Genius. By the way, the interview (or test, I'm not sure yet) is July 13th.


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    Hi just relax and go to it first, during the session you can speak to them about just being a Specialist if you are also interested in that part-time and/or full-time.

    You sound like you are very talented, so take it easy.

    I know it is always challenging to match talent, passion and earning income.

    You should check out these certifications and study it over the next few months/ years (not just weeks) if you are interested in the full blown tasks of an Apple Store Genius, Apple support (not just working with Apple official) engineer, etc.

    Once you finish high school, then finish all these qualifications, as you enter college (if so) then you are set on a good career. If your parents can afford it, you can plan your summer breaks to learn and research rather than working a basic job, or, take unpaid internships and work experience in the area/ jobs/ companies you are really interested in.

    By the time you finish high school you should get these:

    Apple Certified Support Professional (Leopard 10.5 Client)

    If you're interested in more corporate side and small-to-medium enterprise,

    also get this:

    Then if you like to be able to fix Apple hardware and so on,

    All the best.

    Wow some of you all are so productive during summer instead of just going boozing and stuff.
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    Obviously, all the above tests can take a few weeks, usually many months, to pass it all. Apple may or may not pay and organise for these.

    Good luck in your group session, and feel free to discuss all these with them. The session is a way to discuss and connect with the recruitment/ management/ team.

    Just also remember Apple is known for working in a way that is very very different from a lot of other companies.
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    If you want ot pass the exam without spending additional 200$ for ACSP 10.10 you can download iLearn: Advance ACSP application on your iPhone/iPad this help me a lot to pass the exam with 90%. To study and understand Mac you need to answer all questions read the answer and explanation and also TEST ON YOUR MAC COMPUTER, so with experiment with your Mac you will learn how it will be in real environment.

    It help me pass the exam and learn some new things.

    To pass the exam you need 73% correct answers


    Good luck I hope this help you

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