Montevina MBP MB Speculation Thread



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    paprochypaprochy Posts: 129member
    Yeah I'm still waiting for the superconductor-electromagnetic cooler flumbo jumbo, so that the nexp MBP will be .01 inches thin and run at Mac Pro speeds.

    Come on Apple get your act together!
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    paprochypaprochy Posts: 129member
    Oh, and I also want 24 hour battery life.
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    Originally Posted by Nano2Gfteo View Post

    What is wrong with a wedged shape ?. It is clear that unless they come up with some form of advanced cooling, making things any thinner is going to compromise both performance and battery life. Air cooling is so so low tech, people.

    Yeah, and air cooling doesn't leak all over the place as soon as the warranty expires. Something I'm sure a lot of Powermac G5 owners have thought about in the last few years.
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    I should add to something said earlier in this thread, that the 9600M GT is not exactly a die shrink of the 8700M GT or 8600M GT (although they share all the important specs).

    The 9600M GT supposedly shares the same G96 GPU with the desktop 9500GT card. It's sort of like 25% of a G92 GPU. The 9700M GT also uses G96, it's just higher clocked.

    One interesting thing to note is that G96 is set for a die shrink to 55nm very soon.
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    macaloymacaloy Posts: 104member
    Originally Posted by aaple View Post

    Hopefully it's coming August 5th...or 12th...

    Soon, dammit! I am buying a new laptop in the next month or so and am hoping I can get a new update one but if they keep pushing it back, I will just get the last of the older ones
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    Originally Posted by FuturePastNow View Post

    Yeah, and air cooling doesn't leak all over the place as soon as the warranty expires. Something I'm sure a lot of Powermac G5 owners have thought about in the last few years.

    I'm not sure why Apple would pick the 65nm 9600M GT over the 55nm, 29 watt 9650M GS which is a noticeable amount faster.
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    taurontauron Posts: 911member
    Originally Posted by Tauron View Post

    I think you are pretty close there. I would not be surprised if the CPU clock rate is a little lower for the cheaper MBP and battery life will not likely go past 6 hours.

    Also, they will hopefully include a CUDA-ready (or whatever apple equivalent will be called) NVIDIA video card.

    I was right...

    1. The new laptops are coming in September. I said this at MacRumors and they flamed me to a crisp saying I was deluded. Now there you have it. MacRumors suck too.

    2. They may be coming with a CUDA ready or OpenCL ready MB like I said. I was hoping but not expecting this seeing that snow leopard is not due till next year.
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    (predicted) macbook specs

    1. Enclosure to be made of aluminum

    2. 2.3GHz and 2.6GHz procesor speeds

    3. 2GB RAM standard on all models

    4. all modles 14" LED backlit dispaly

    5. white models will have white keys, premium black model will have black keys.

    (still same scrable tile shape!)

    6. shipping with apple remote (made of aluminum)

    7. intel x4500 intergrated grafics

    8. 800MHz FSB

    9. 3 x USB

    10. 1 x FW 400

    11. mini DVI (adapter included. Mini DVI to VGA)

    12. Magsafe

    13. backlit apple logo!

    14. magnetic latch

    15. NO blu ray or hd dvd

    16. smaller box!

    look at

    apple themself say that the will stop using palstic in products and will use led displays!

    tell me if you think im incorrect (in a nice way!) or if you think i have missed any thing !

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    bjnybjny Posts: 191member
    Originally Posted by BJNY View Post

    I'm hoping for the 17.1" panel from LG

    Model LG171WU5 1920x1200

    8-bit instead of 6-bit

    16.7 million colors instead of 256K

    RGB LED instead of white LED

    LG Display on Thursday said it has started mass-producing the world's first notebook displays to be truly color-accurate. Using an RGB LED backlight versus the one-color backlights of other notebook displays, the 17.1-inch, 1920x1200 LCD pushes its color reproduction up to 105 percent, or about 40 percent more than a typical notebook display with a fluorescent backlight at the same size. The breakthrough should give AV professionals a display they can use for image editing and gamers a more vivid image, LG says........
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