Telecoms fight for the right to party with iPhone 3G



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    So, let's come to some perhaps more conducive thinking here, about the upside, and risks now facing our beloved forbidden fruit.

    Apropos, an interesting article by Laura Holson of the New York Times:
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    I'm not convinced of your your interpretation. All of the RD arguments I see are deftly respun such that Apple comes out on top, every time, quite conveniently, it seems. The way it looks to me is that it's almost as if Apple cannot possibly do no wrong, no good idea or workflow can possibly come from anyone else. The whole business just gives an air of cheerleading.

    I have always found that with roughlydrafted, you need to read beyond the bias.

    I think the bias is quite correct personally, but it can make it difficult to cull the information from the rant.

    Howerver, having saif that

    Let me say this

    I love roughly drafted, there is real tech insight, and historical insight.

    along with historical revisionism and technical bias

    It is what BLOGGING is all about
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    You and aegisdesign have very valid points. While I do not speak for him, I think he is just trying to say that AI will not be taken seriously as anything more than an Apple cheerleading site if they continue with their journalistic approach. As I posted earlier Daniel Pilger or whatever his name is today, got his head handed to him by iLounge for posting totally inaccurate articles as fact, and then trying to defend once iLounge pointed them out. As it stands AI is seen as little more than a gathering of Apple zealots who seem to think Steve Jobs is their best friend. While this is not completely true, this opinion does have its merits.

    Links please??
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