Firefox unexpectedly quitting

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I've noticed the past couple of months that as I'm using Firefox, i'm having to have to 'force quit' many times a day. it's getting really annoying - i'd switch back to safari, but i love using firefox (minus this issue).

anyone have the same problem, or a solution b/c it's getting a bit frustrating. thanks in advance


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    rob05aurob05au Posts: 348member
    A couple of quick questions which will help get the ball rolling to find a fix.

    What version of Firefox?

    What if an extensions have you added (aka. add-ons)?

    Do you have any system haxies installed? eg. SMBIL plugins or alike

    What system version are you running?

    Is there any crash logs in the following location? Home/Library/Logs/will be to with firefox

    Does it happen when starting firefox or after it has started?

    Any other info you may think relevant to what happens is always useful in getting to the bottom of the problems.

    Also have you installed Adobe Flash Player?
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    i have the new 3.0 version of firefox.

    my extensions/addons: download statusbar, sage, webmail notifier, foxytunes, and several plug-ins (flip4mac, shockwave, java plugin)

    im running mac os 10.4

    as for crash logs, i dont seeany firefox ones in that folder

    it usually happens randomly on different websites, usually not right away...but i have to do at least once or twice every half hour to hour..really irritating

    i have adobe svg viewer plug-in if that's what you were asking
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    rob05aurob05au Posts: 348member
    I suggest to try the following to see if anything changes

    Grab Firefox 3.0.1 which hasn't crashed for me as yet where 3.0 did a lot.

    Try doing a permissions repair as flash player screws with net related permissions during install quite badly and may well cause some issues.

    All the others should be fine.

    Sometimes firefox for some reason doesn't leave a crash log I have no idea why.

    Lets know what happens after trying those things.
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    joyjoyjoyjoy Posts: 20member
    alright thanks for the suggestions - i'll see how it works out the next couple of hours/days and let you know! thanks again!
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    definitely seems to work better - not as far as many unexpected quits although still present ... now maybe once or twice a day..better than several every hour!

    i just disabled a couple add-ons that didn't seem necessary!
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