ext. hard drive not mounting

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I have a new Toshiba external hard drive - i've used it on my ibook and it works fine, when i try to use it on my powerbook, it doesn't even mount. disk utility doesn't even recognize it. help please! thanks in advance!!


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    What kind of connection do you use? USB, Firewire or both?

    Which port did you use on the iBook, which on the PowerBook?

    Maybe this can help.
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    i'm using usb for both
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    anyone? anyone?
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    You haven't given much data. What kind of drive is it? Is it a 3.5" or a 2.5" drive? Does it get its power from the USB port? Or does it have its own power supply?

    If it is getting its power from the USB port the PowerBook may not be outputting enough. Try the other port. But even then it may not work. I have a portable drive I intended to use with my PowerBook but it does not have enough power and will not turn on. This drive works just fine with my iMac.
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    it's a Toshiba USB 2.0 250 GB hard drive.

    it gets its power from a usb port - i've tried the other ports & nothing on the powerbook. is there a way to output enough power? i dont know much about computers but it says that "few computeres that limit bus power, a special USB power cable is required", would that be something i'd need?
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    Sounds like the PowerBook isn't putting out enough power for the drive. The PowerBook outputs different power levels on its two USB ports. And no, you can't change this. One solution is to use a special USB cable that will connect to both USB ports and use their combined power to power the drive. Another solution is to use an external power source to power the drive. But this may not work with your drive. (My drive does not have an external power connection.) A third solution to try is a powered USB hub.
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    Sorry, no post.
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