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Okay so I made this website. http://img.skitch.com/20080828-q9g4s...pxtscs5eye.jpg I think its pretty nice if i say so myself. Its will be a blog about photography technology and design. I?m using www.tumblr.com. My theme has a nice vimeo style to it. The problem is its not created yet. Why? I dont know how to code. =[ If there is anyone, anyone who knows html or css could please help this dream come to life . I will give you credit by mentioning you in the site at the side. Since I dont like to make transactions online if there is any way I can repay you please mention it! I have the graphics ready and organized in a folder. So could someone please make something as close as you can? I would be the happiest little boy and this is extremely appreciated. If your interested my msn is [email protected], or [email protected]. Thanks.


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    hey i can help u make this!!!

    but i can only do it on PC (microsoft publisher)

    email me about it

    [email protected]

    ps i will post a pic of one of my websites for you too see what i can do.

    btw i no HTML only
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