how do i make osX release my ip?

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i'm using DHCP server for my internet connection on my imac w osX. i'd like my brother who is using an ibook w os9.1 to sometime also have access through the ethernet (roger'[email protected] cable) using his machine. i've called the tech ppl at rogers and they told that i first need to release the ip on osX before the ibook w os9.1 can have access to it. so how do i do that w osX. they know how to do it w os9 but not osX. plz help.


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    Turn off your computer? Another way to kill the internet connection is to go to the network settings, select 'active network ports' from the show drop down menu and uncheck the ethernet one. That will turn it off without having to turn off your computer. If you want to get a new ip for your computer, I'm not sure how you would do that.

    btw - are you macintosh?
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    tried that. no cigar.

    Re: me = mactintosh ... ?!? donno what u talk'n about.


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    For a solution that costs money, you could get airport for both machines, and your bro could access the net trough your imac.

    Or, for less money, you could get a cheapo router, hook it up to the cable modem and hook both machines up to the router. Or, unplug the ethernet from your imac, and plug the ethernet cable into the iBook, set the iBook up to use DHCP in the TCP/IP control panel like your imac does.

    Those are your options.

    The best solution would be an $80 router. You will both be able to access the net from your respective machines at the same time, regardless of whether one is turned off or not. You can also add still more computers by buying another ethernet cable. Routers typically have at least 4 ports.

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