Help! Install in 9 or OSX ?

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I've just purchased Macromedia's Web Design studio but have no idea whether to install them under system 9 or X or whether it makes any difference. I think i read in another thread that somebody suggested it was better to do it in 9 if the programs weren't native X apps. Also, from the box it appears that Freehand is an X app while the likes of Dreamweaver4 isn't. Yet they seem to need to work together. Any thoughts?


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    4fx4fx Posts: 258member
    Stick with 9 until you can upgrade to all the carbonized apps you need.
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    torifiletorifile Posts: 4,024member
    I actually prefer to install all my apps in X just because it doesn't usually quit all running applications so I can continue doing my work (like reading these forums) while they are installed. Plus, if you plan on using them in classic, you can be sure that any necessary extensions are installed in your startup set for classic. A word about the extensions you have installed: make sure that the contextual menu extension is otherwise fireworks and dw may not launch (at least I had this problem in 10.0).
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    Jim Dad,

    I launched a thread in the current hardware section reporting that my iMac hard disk became corrupted when I installed OS 9 drivers for a Canon scanner after booting with OS X and then launching the Classic environment for the install. However, I installed software this way and it worked. so unless you have some burning reason to install Classic apps after booting in OS X, I'd recommend simply installing Classic apps after booting in OS 9. Best of luck.
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    torifiletorifile Posts: 4,024member
    There's no reason to be so cautious about this process. HD corruption is not due to installing drivers or programs. I'll say again, if you want to use the program in classic mode, there's no reason not to install it in classic mode. Why? Because if your smart you'll have a different extension set for classic and a regular OS 9 boot and you want to make sure that the extensions you need are installed in your classic set. And there is no reason not to use DW4 or freehand in X since DW runs fine and Freehand is native.
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