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I want to buy a macbook however I'm not sure what to do. I've been waiting and waiting for the new macbooks to come out but would it be worth it to just buy a macbook now since they're throwing in a free itouch and i believe a free printer (or at least 1 with a nice rebate)? will the new macbooks be that much better that it would out-weigh the value of the current macbook "package"? thanks


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    Could be.

    But it depends what you wanna do with the MacBook.

    If it is just eMail and Word processing, web surfing or editing your images, the current offer is more than adequate.

    The new MacBooks are rumored to have the next generation of Intel's integrated graphic X4500 or so, a better processor (faster and more) and a new shell made of aluminum.

    Just read some or all the rumor threads in Future Hardware and decide for yourself.

    If you want new and fancy, and can wait, and don't really need an iPod or printer, the new MacBooks are rumored to be announced in September or October.

    I just have bought the latest MacBook, and was considering waiting for the new MacBook, but after months waiting, I just bit the bullet and went with the current model. They are by the way really great, I can do everything I can do on my current iMac (2007), except playing a demanding game, which I only do once a semester.
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