new macbook trouble with itunes

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Hey i just got my macbook today and it is sexy as hell. It beats the hell out of my pc. I've only had one problem so far. When i put cds in to import to itunes, no cd info comes up. I've tried multiple cds and cds that show info on my pc. I had to type in the song names which is a pain. Any ideas why this is happening? Thanks!


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    You need to look at your iTunes Preferences.

    General Tab - under "When you insert a CD":

    Make sure "Automatically retrieve CD track names from the internet" is ticked
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    You are connected to the internet when you put in the CD, right?
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    i had use MacBook white 2.4 , MB Pro 2.5 15" Mac X 10.5.5

    all i try is okay for me.... i'm using iTunes 8

    erm... maybe try reinstall your iTunes.... have ur Mac dectact you audio cd?
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