DVD burns CD's won't

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tried to burn a music cd from itunes (then with toast titanium)

MB 2.0 C2d 2bg ram 10.4.11

Media: sony cd-r

i've gotten the following error messages

"the attempt to burn a disc failed the device failed to calibrate the laser power level for this media"

"failed to respond properly unable to recover or retry"

when i tried with toast

"sense key=medium error

sense code=)xoc, ox73,ox03"

i tried 5 times, and now 5 "coasters"

was able to burn my music disc using an external burner

tried burning some photos using toast but "lead in or lead out failed to be written"

BUT--had no trouble burning a dvd from iDVD

any suggestions, if it's a media issue which to use, i thought sony was good

thanks for your help


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    bclapperbclapper Posts: 237member
    Aren't the lasers for CDs and DVDs different?

    You CD burner sounds like it's trashed
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    nofeernofeer Posts: 2,422member
    i'm glad i have applecare, but why would they use different lasers? i may have to call applecare, but i really rarely use the cd burner but i want it to work, is sony good media??
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    nofeernofeer Posts: 2,422member
    you are probably correct

    i found this at "eggheadcafe"

    Burner will not recognize Blank Media - M.I.5¾

    09-Jan-08 08:19:58

    The CD laser is most probably knackered (to use the technical term). The

    other disk types are all detectable and readable with the DVD laser. CD-Rs

    cannot reflect the red/orange DVD laser. The chances are that if the disc

    was detected, it wouldn't write a reliable image to it. You may still be

    able to write to CD-RWs because they are written a completely different way

    and use a lower write power from the CD-laser.

    Sadly, solid state lasers decay with use, the rate varying between different

    samples. Laser failure is the most common mode of failure for DVD/CD

    burners (though the DVD laser usually fails first - but this would depend on


    I'm calling apple care....hope i don't have to send it in
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    nofeernofeer Posts: 2,422member
    did a google search for can't burn cd, got a bunch that showed problems with superdrive update 2.1

    so i did what they said, some said to trash it some said to delete from login

    well when i put it in the trash (didn't empty it) it would burn the cd but not play a dvd....GEEE

    when i took it out of the trash and put it back in applications and login at startup

    it will play the dvd and i didn't try to burn the disk, i'd rather have the dvd player

    BUT it must be that superdrive update 2.1 some superdrives were "bricked"

    i will tell you when superdrive update "launches" it has an error message to send to apple, i just for the longest time just hit "cancel"

    soooooo maybe apple has a solution, and i'll call applecare, but now i know its a software/ firmware type thing and not my laser got zwicked or something the tech guys call it

    i bet others here in AI have had this problem

    because all these have: http://www.google.com/search?client=...UTF-8&oe=UTF-8

    if i find something about fixing it i will post it
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    rob05aurob05au Posts: 348member
    It sounds more like the Sony CD-rs are the problem. If the laser was shot it wouldn't even burn dvd's try a different brand of cd-rs as some media can be rejected by the apple superdrives they tend to be picky with some media.

    If possible grab some verbatium CD's these have never caused any problems for me.
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    nofeernofeer Posts: 2,422member
    so i update to latest itunes, used memorex cd-r it worked though it took (its estimate) 8min to burn a 17 song disc\\ isn't the write speed of the superdrive up to 24x???? well it was slow but worked

    i should have tried it without the update first but hey it works, i was thinking of upgrading to leopard just for this, but i would lose my quicken 2003

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    rob05aurob05au Posts: 348member
    The write speed of the apple superdrives is mostly max at 8x but some media only allows slower speeds.

    I have found itunes to burn fairly slowly at times regardless of which media I have been using.

    Great to hear it works albeit slow but it could itunes causing the slowness.
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