Review roundup: T-Mobile's G1, the first Android-based handset



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    In any case the iPhone was never going to win on features but on usability. Has Android attacked it on that front, or is it yet another Zune?

    Umm... Are you asking if the G1 / HTC Dream product is yet another Zune or if Android in general will prove to be another Zune?

    To me the G1 / HTC Dream implementation is a sort of advanced beta, proof of concept and live test bed all rolled into one. On that premise the G1 itself is awesome for early adopters (and a few others) and I can't wait to see what's next. If the G1 / HTC Dream is as good as it's gonna get then it's way worse than the Zune.

    I suspect though that in the near future we're going to see a variety of hardware from various manufacturers running varied ports of Android with different feature sets at a number of price points. I would also look for manufacturers to try and differentiate themselves not only in their hardware but in proprietary software and added value type features and 3rd party partnerships.

    If and when that happens some Android models will compete with the iPhone and some will not. To some extent I think the "smart phone" market becomes somewhat analogous to the computer world and the Mac vs. PC scenario.
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    I think you should stay with her then.

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    It remains to be seen how strong of a product HTC has built on Google's platform for T-Mobile's network. I think it will be a success in terms of sales and interest in future generations of Android devices. I think it is likely to fail to knock iPhone off top of everyone's wish-list. To me this isn't "failure", but since it is the measuring stick many will use it will seem that way. We'll see. SO fun to have new choices, though!
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    4metta4metta Posts: 365member
    I'm a TMobile customer waiting for the iPhone to come over officially so I can get a nice upgrade discount. But this G1 phone definitely has me interested. Best thing about it is the open source. The keyboard is nice too. The iPhone needs to flip the keyboard to make it easier to type messages.
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