MS ad campaign = PWNED by new Apple Bean Counter ad.

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I've wondered if Apple would respond to MS's new ad campaign in any way through their Get A Mac commercials. Well I think the new Bean Counter ad is a brilliant parry, not too overt but still giving MS a taste of the back of their hand.


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    MarvinMarvin Posts: 15,374moderator
    That was absolutely perfect. I like the pizza box one too.

    I was thinking that some of the ads were getting a bit tired but this is a work of genius.

    I bet even Seinfeld is laughing at that one.
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    Hahahaha, so classic. I love apple commercials more than most of the comedy TV shows I watch.
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    am not real sure why you guys like this ad so much. It really doesnt say anything. Please dont get me wrong, I love my macbook, but the ads are getting to the point of mudslinging and no real substance. I liked the ads several years ago when they actually spoke a grain of truth, but today they are just getting old.
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    No, I think they hit the nail on the head. After all, it WAS Microsoft who ran the commercials about getting people to use Vista, but under a different name. And I'm sure there were people who knew but that didn't make the commercial.
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