Blackbook 2.4Ghz versus Albook 2Ghz

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I'm having a real crisis here. I've been without my mac for 2 weeks now. I was all set to buy the new Al book before they were announced hearing about all of these price cuts. (I sold my original blackbook for about 625 after fees)

Fast forward and cheapest model is 1299.

A few details about me....I will be using this computer primarily for ilife, web browsing, office apps. I won't be using Adobe CS on it, although I might consider aperture at some point. (does anyone know if the new higher quality printing service through apple is only for aperture prints or also for iphoto?)

The new albook is sexy, but I hate to make a purchase just based on that alone. I had my first gen black book for 2.5 years and no complaints. Anything will be a huge upgrade from that hardware wise.

I can find used blackbook 2.4Ghz on ebay for 1100 bucks or so with less than 6 months use (they all say applecare is transferrable does anyone know if that is true?)

Ebay also has this live cash back via MS so on an 1100 dollar laptop I could net 200 dollar rebate 60 days later. This brings a used blackbook to 900 bucks or so....There is no such deal on ebay for the albook as everyone is selling them 100-200 bucks above retail. MacMall I noticed has a 50 dollar rebate.

So we are looking at a pretty big cost difference here. A part of me also says the resale value on these will hold up well because they will be the last macbooks with firewire (which I don't need).

I just can't decide, I really will be stretching to buy the albook. Has anyone bought a macbook off of ebay before with any problems?

I just can't decide, please help.


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    I would just get the plastic white MacBook from the Apple Store for $999 or $950 if you are a student.

    And if you say that the black is sexier or better looking then the white, then why don't you just go for the AlBook?
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