Apple behind of shipments?

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I ordered a new MB with 4GB of RAM about 3 weeks ago from my campus store. I called today because I still have yet to hear anything about my notebook being shipped in. At the store the are telling me that they have not even received their regular shipments yet and apple won't respond to their emails that inquire about these problems.

Is this an isolated issue in my area, or is anyone else having this experience with their local stores?



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    I don't know about isolated issue but I am waiting for my Air CTO to be shipped and it's passed its shipping date and so far no word from Apple either.
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    I ordered my Macbook with 4GB of RAM and 128GB SSD on Oct. 19 and received it on Oct. 29, so I didn't have any problems getting mine. I'm in Canada and I ordered it from the online store, which might have made a difference.
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    Hmm, that's kind of disheartening, because I ordered mine before that date and still have no idea when I will get it.

    I also just realized I messed up the thread title, way to go me.
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    hsehse Posts: 4member
    I just ordered a MB CTO yesterday at around 8am and it shipped in less than 24 hours

    It should be here by Friday.
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