Apple files for digital theater, smart Apple Remote patents



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    It´s not a holodeck. It´s a theater in your goggles:
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    wijgwijg Posts: 99member
    This theater experience thing is for selling tickets. It's not for you to enjoy media but to test what row FF seat 6 would be like at the Blender theater in New York (for example).

    I expect the direction of this thing to be similar to Google Maps and being able to stand on any street corner. It's just for increasing familiarity but also comes with some factor of coolness. By the way, wasn't there an article on here not too long ago that talked about taking a virtual walk with Google Maps using one of the Wii accouterments? ...Seems almost full-circle.

    Anyway, Apple's going to license this to Ticketmaster or LiveNation or use it for cross-promoting the iTunes store somehow.
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    bageljoeybageljoey Posts: 1,975member
    Originally Posted by grayum View Post

    Err, nope. Take a look at:

    Well, actually, teckstud did say it was a technological advance for journalism--not just an advance in technology...
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    What a load of crap.

    Choosing camera angles and zooming in, just sounds like all the features DVD players can have but no DVD's ever supported, and this what's the point? When I watch something I just wanna watch it, not much around with picture angles and sound.

    As for the remote, rather than trying to sort out any issues with IR why not just use some other form of wireless connectivity? Others already do and it works fine for them. No idea what my Sky remote uses but you seem to be able to aim that in any direction and it always works.
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    dunksdunks Posts: 1,254member
    Apple VR goggles and Nintendo Wii Motion Plus need to crawl into bed together and make some sweet First Person Shooter love.
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