Importing video into IPhoto- where is it?

in Mac Software edited January 2014
I have a Canon S500 camera and whenever I plug my camera in and import a bunch of photos into IPhoto, the photos show up but I don't see the videos. Am I missing something? I still have them on the camera, but I want them off and stored in Iphoto.



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    My Canon A590 automatically downloads the videos with the photos.

    But... do you have a separate card reader?... you could use it to find the videos on the card and just drag/drop them into iPhoto.

    (my videos are downloaded into iPhoto alongside the photos... they are not put into a separate folder/album... are you certain that they are not in there with the photos?)
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    I don't have a card reader, I just plug the camera in directly. When I view my entire IPhoto library, they don't appear within the photos at all, and I've checked several times, unless I'm missing something.
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