LG holds iMac-suitable touchscreen; new iTunes plus hints



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    Originally Posted by BenRoethig View Post

    Yeah, but they designed the bottle to be so thin that it can't hold that much windex.

    You're one of those MacBook Air haters, aren't you!?
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    While I don't think that'd help much, I did make the mistake of thinking it would be aurally irritating because...a physical keyboard makes sounds too.

    How would you apply gesture recognition to typing? Now perhaps they could apply what the mistake-pattern-learning (don't know what the official name is) system the iPhone uses, that would help. However, this still doesn't solve the problem of having to look down at the non-tactile keyboard to type! There have already been inexpensive systems that project a virtual keyboard onto any surface, say, a table top, and they never took off. The iPhone's virtual keyboard works because you're looking at it (or just barely above it at the text field) as you type (and again, the alternative - a micro chiclet keyboard - is not as good).

    I can understand the draw of a dynamic input device, but when you tell people that input device is also their keyboard, I think the resounding response would be "huh?" Apple doesn't really make "huh?" products, they make "oh! really!? WOW!" products. A separate dynamic input device, especially one that serves as a standalone device like an iPhone or iPod touch, is far more understandable for people to, say, hook up to their computer, enabling MultiTouch manipulation, without losing the physical keyboard that can be typed on without even thinking about it.

    You also have to consider that, if your keyboard were touch sensitive, you'd have to hover your hands over it at all times or put them to the sides to avoid inputing text, unlike a physical keyboard that serves as a resting place for your finger tips. Requiring the user to turn on and off their keyboard via a software or hardware switch to avoid text input when resting their fingers on the touch screen would also be both a hindrance and simply an odd idea for users, new and old, to grasp.

    How about you get an electric shock when you press a key and a voice shouts the letter at you. Ouch!!!!!!!! 'YOU JUST PRESSED THE LETTER D'
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    takeotakeo Posts: 440member
    Originally Posted by Tofino View Post

    you keep the windex as far away from my 30" and my 23" and my 20" cinema displays as possible. bad enough somebody touched my mac book pro screen again yesterday and i had to bite my tongue... not good to freak out on paying clients...

    My point was not about HOW you clean your screen... it's that however you do it.. you'd have to be doing it constantly. I hate when people touch my screen.

    As for all the comments about arms up in the air... etc. That's just foolish. Obviously... a computer with a full multi-touch interface (maybe even replacing the keyboard) would have a completely different form factor than the current iMac.
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    A keyboard ? A mouse ? Where we're going, we don't need any of them.
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    Originally Posted by Dazabrit View Post

    How about you get an electric shock when you press a key and a voice shouts the letter at you. Ouch!!!!!!!! 'YOU JUST PRESSED THE LETTER D'

    Damn, I didn't think of that scenario! I'm sure that product would get a lot of...buzz. Oh dear.
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    I think Steve & Co are already hard at work dinking around with a modified touchscreen Macbook based on their current line-up. While I agree that touchscreen iMacs don't make sense outside of hospitality industries, a touchscreen Macbook might fly. The screen becomes one oversized trackpad, essentially doing away with the need for the one we have in front of the keyboard. You all can knock it, but once you've tried it I think everyone would love it. Mouse still required for precision work tho.

    I also would like to see a MacPad internet device. iTouch upsized to about the size of a mass-market paperback. Make it easier on the eye for reading and create a whole new ecosystem for e-publications. 99cent books anyone? RSS feeds. Internet publications.

    Steve, if you're reading this, I'm available anytime.
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