Early deals: $250 off new MacBook Pros, $325 off Office 2008



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    Funny- no AppleTV on sale?

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    Originally Posted by TBell View Post

    Adobe CS4 is priced at $1, 800. I guess if you used every program everyday, it might be worth it.

    That's misleading. Adobe CS 4 has many incarnations, Photoshop CS 4, Illustrator CS 4, etc, and one is not forced to buy them all. There are various bundled packages, called Suites, and there's also the individual programs used to makeup the Suites. All can be bought individually, or, bundled in a Suite that is actually less expensive than buying each program separately. One is not locked into any particular Suite. There are probably folks here that don't know the difference, so lets not scare them off with misleading info.

    There are a lot of people that use every program in a Suite, which is why Adobe offers the Suites in the first place. There's no "might" about it. For pros (graphics pros, photo pros, etc.) to remain competitive, Suite upgrades are a given.
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    Originally Posted by AHeneen View Post

    Office Special Media Edition has fallen to $139 since the article was written http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/pro...534&s=software. Anyways, what's the difference between this and the Home & Student edition (besides the "home" and "student" restriction on license)? From what I've read, is the huge price difference really just for a bunch of clip art/graphics?????

    From what I can tell, the Home & Student version does NOT include Exchange support in Entourage. Only the "full" versions include Exchange support. I'm watching the Office discounts closely, as I'd like to have access to my work (Exchange) email on my Macs. I can access it on my iPhone, just not any of the actual computers!

    I thought I read that Office (Special Media) would be offered at $125 this weekend. That's what I'm watching for. I believe Microsoft themselves said it would be sold at that price. Must research...
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    For what its worth last night (Wednesday) when I saw this thread I went to MacMall and ordered the Office 2008 Special Media Edition for $69.99. Got the emails to confirm and saying it had shipped so the price is locked in. But this afternoon I was looking at MacMall and the price is now advertised as $173.99. Not sure what's going on with that. Just an FYI....
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