JDK 1.4 -- WHEN?!?!



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    [quote]Originally posted by BlueJekyll:

    <strong>Java 1.4: Who really needs it?

    There aren't many things in 1.4 that are all that different from 1.3. The only really big addition, and long over due, is non-blocking IO. Now this isn't even a big deal to most Java programmers out there, since their stuck in little applet/servlet worlds. For appservers and servlet engines, yeah it will be cool, but it will take a while for all those big pieces of software to take advantage of it.

    Anyway, if you're only writing code for 1.4 distributions, then that's a severe limitation on where you can deploy... I know in my company we won't upgrade to 1.4 for another few months atleast, perhaps later.

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    I agree that with 1.3.x you have a very capable dev platform...but I'd have far more faith in a company and its Java support if it could stay current.

    Most app servers would have been ready to support async io when 1.4 shipped as they'd been receiving pre-betas and betas, etc months prior to release...the changes would have been relatively minor and centered around their connection/invocation mechanisms.

    Oh, yeah, and I like "asserts".
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    [quote]Originally posted by yurin8or:


    Oh, yeah, and I like "asserts". </strong><hr></blockquote>

    Yes, can't agree more. Assertions are also designed very interestingly in 1.4 too, considering they are a JVM option, and not compiled in or out. Can do some very interesting things with that.

    Now if only we could get enumerations in Java. They say their not OO, but that's BS.
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    I've just been trying Netbeans 3.3.2 on Jaguar 6C48 and it's very encouraging. As we say in the UK, "it goes like **** of a shovel"; quite possibly as fast as the same version of Netbeans running on Win32 with JDK 1.4.

    Netbeans on 10.0.x was pretty much unusable. It was adequate(-ish) with 10.1.x and the Java 1.3.1 update and now it's heading in the direction of being superior to Win32.

    What will 1.4 be like ??
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    [quote]Originally posted by anthonypalmer:


    What will 1.4 be like ?? </strong><hr></blockquote>

    6 months behind

    Netbeans was always too bloated/slow for me. JBuilder6 and the Productivity! opentool is my fav.
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    What will 1.4 be like ?? [/QB]<hr></blockquote>

    you will not really notice a difference. 1.4 is supposed to be faster, but I haven't noticed much of a difference between it and 1.3.1. 1.4 starts up more Native threads than 1.3 so it may initially at program launch time be faster, but I haven't noticed any major.

    Mind you I only work on the server side, not GUI junk. But I have heard that swing is supposed to be faster also.

    The biggest single addition to 1.4 is NIO, and that is going to affect to many people in the GUI world...
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