Open-source OS for boot camp that can play Windows games?

in Mac Software edited January 2014
I own a new-generation MacBook Pro, and I'm a computer gamer. While there are some really good games out for the Mac OS (Enemy Engaged, anything by Blizzard), Windows is still where most computer gaming is centered. I don't want to drop $200+ on Windows just to play games (because that's all I'd use it for). So my question is:

Is there any free, legal (i.e., open-source) option which can run in boot camp that will reliably play Windows games? I don't care how crude or sophisticated the user interface is, so long as Windows programs (especially IL-2 Sturmovik) run on it and it's free.



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    trowatrowa Posts: 176member
    Here a good article by Maximum PC that will guide you on how to run windows games on Linux

    I still think you will have a better experience running Windows on a boot camp partition.
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