Wireless connection dropping at random times. Any solutions?

in macOS edited January 2014
I'm using a Macbook 13" and am running 10.4.11.

So the problem that I'm having is that at random times I lose connection. At the same time the PC-s that are connected to the same network have connection, plus the ISP said that everything seems to be fine on their side. So there seems to be an issue with the WiFi on the MB. It just loses the connection and can't find it for about a minute and some times it takes about 5 minutes for it to reconnect to the network. And the problem isn't limited to only one network, but actually happens in different networks. It started as a minor inconvenience, but now it's starting to really bug me. And it seems that I'm not even making it up: http://discussions.apple.com/message...778481#4778481

So any ideas, solutions or just about anything on this matter?


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    How about changing the "Channel" of your Wi-Fi network? I used to have my neighbor knocked me offline whenever he/she turn on his/her Location Free Router.
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    Atuvi, I experience the same thing and it's very frustrating. I have the latest Airport base station with the latest firmware and drivers and the Mac will lose connectivity occasionally but the not the PCs. Arghr! I *think* it may be interference from the other Wi-Fi networks around me, as there are always 3-6 it seems - but that's more of a guess and I can't nail it down. But why only the freaking Mac and not the PCs?! I've run across several other threads discussing this but no solution.
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