Steve Jobs taking leave from Apple due to complex health issues



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    Originally Posted by Hoss View Post

    Steve Jobs is Apple. Apple will wither on the vine over several months until they're bought out. It's over!

    I disagree. What Jobs brought to Apple is there to stay. He turned the company around and infused it with his vision. There are now many at Apple that can continue his work.
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    Steve will be fine, despite all the talk he will be around for a long time yet.

    However, for the sake of the company it's a good move to give him less focus going forward, doesn't mean he can't play a pivotal role, but the cult of personality clearly got out of control.
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    I don't care about the stock. And I don't really care about the computers. Or the telephones.

    Poor guy. All the best to him.
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    hattighattig Posts: 860member
    Hope he gets well soon.

    However this is good for Apple as a company, as its success is too directly linked to SJ these days even though it is the hard work of thousands of people at Apple that make the success. If Apple can demonstrate good moves and growth while he is recuperating and taking a back seat then it might reassure people that Apple can survive post Jobs.

    There are people there that have been raised in the Jobsian way of things, things won't change, they won't bring in CEOs from Pepsi again!

    Anyway, where's my new Mac Mini?
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    phongphong Posts: 219member
    Just when I was starting to have nostalgia for the pre-Jobs days. I said in another thread that if the Mini remains as it is for a full two years, then I would be happy to see Jobs step down. After 18 months I'm rather neutral about it.

    His health is a separate matter. I wish him well.
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    Originally Posted by merdhead View Post

    Steve is dead meat. This is the beginning of the end. "More complex than I though" with a six month break essentially means there's a high probability he's dying. Not so good for stock holders but possibly good for customers. We might get more variety in Apple products without Steve's hard line on various issues.

    Oh well, cancer sucks.

    What a nasty piece of work you are!
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    Steve Jobs is a GIANT in the tech world. My thoughts and prayers are with him and his family during this trying time. Get well Steve!!!! However, Apple will survive!!!! You can bet on it.
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    iposteriposter Posts: 1,560member
    Originally Posted by hmurchison View Post

    Shit there goes my stock

    Time for me to finally buy some AAPL!

    Seriously though, I hope Steve gets better soon.
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    Originally Posted by JamesAHaulic View Post

    I have been suspecting that this is the case for quite some time. We recently had a family member pass away from pancreatic cancer and all the stuff that Mr. Jobs is going though mirror my aunts experience.

    She was also one of the "fortunate" ones who have the operable form of pancreatic cancer. She passed away 2 years after her first operation. The fact is that when the pancreas does not work properly the body can not process food properly and store fat. Before my aunt lost her appetite for food she could eat 6000+ calories of food per day and live a sedentary lifestyle and still lose weight. She could eat ice cream all day and lose weight.

    Mr. Jobs has much more money than my aunt did so maybe his doctors have found out a way to extend his life a little but without a working pancreas his passing will be soon.

    This is a very sad reality as I have been following the career of Mr Jobs for years. My life has been greatly impacted by the products he as made and the movies he produced through Pixar. If he does pass within the next 6 months it will be too soon and a shame.

    To read more about the potential issues that Mr. Jobs is facing anyone can find the info on wikipedia

    SJ has a strange condition called Multiple Endocrine Neoplasia (MEN1) for which he's been treated. Not sure if your relative had this from the links you posted. Known complications are Insulin dependant Diabetes and pancreatic insufficiency. ie Not cancer but a secondary side effect. this link here covers the condition more fully and its clear its a complex condition. From what's been released its unclear whether there has been a recurrence of a hormone secreting tumour or something like IDDM.

    What is certain is that Steve Jobs is some sort of vegetarian who may be unwilling to compromise his dietary beliefs in order to make a speedier recovery so its likely it may take him longer to recover his lost weight.

    One of my colleagues at work was diagnosed with an aggressive pancreatic cancer. From the initial onset of symptoms the duration of this terminal illness was 9 months. He was also a young man aged 35 with an 18/12 old daughter. Not good.
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    Originally Posted by charko View Post

    what a nasty piece of work you are!

    you suck man, have you no scruples????
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    MarvinMarvin Posts: 15,379moderator
    Originally Posted by Jobs

    In order to take myself out of the limelight and focus on my health, and to allow everyone at Apple to focus on delivering extraordinary products, I have decided to take a medical leave of absence until the end of June.

    Problem is, this is doing exactly the opposite. Now that he has officially announced this, all the money-whores are just going to be focussing on this one story and watching their precious stocks closely, trying to cash in best on whatever fluctuations it might cause.

    I think it's a step Jobs needed to take because he is getting old and he needs to separate himself from the company so it can stand by itself. He just needs to make the odd appearance here and there like Woz does.
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    asciiascii Posts: 5,936member
    Originally Posted by dahlenu View Post

    What Jobs brought to Apple is there to stay. He turned the company around and infused it with his vision. There are now many at Apple that can continue his work.

    Unfortunately that's not always how it works. A lot of companies continue to reflect the personality of the founder after they leave. But then first time there is a serious drop in profits (for whatever reason) the board brings in one of those rationalizing CEOs who takes all the personality and fun out of the place, and it is never the same again.
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    Originally Posted by Kestral View Post

    It must be pretty bad, especially when you consider that his recent letter said he'd be well by spring, now he's taking a leave of absence until the middle of summer.

    Sad day for us Apple fans, all we can hope is that Steve is stronger than cancer.

    btw, Steve's cancer has a 5 year survival rate, he's in year 4 and something right now

    (Don't know if any savvy posters have posted this already.)

    5-year survival rates come with percentages: e.g. a 50% 5-year survival rate.

    The point is we don't really know how long Steve has to go. And that's if he *does* have cancer. The side-effects of the treatment for cancer are themselves significant.
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    [QUOTE=Kestral;1363083]It must be pretty bad, especially when you consider that his recent letter said he'd be well by spring, now he's taking a leave of absence until the middle of summer.


    Take a look at a calendar.

    He says he's taking leave until the end of June. Spring lasts til June 20th. The middle of summer is in August
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    Originally Posted by CREB View Post

    Ahhhh...capitalism at its worst with some of the most vicious comments about Jobs to date. Without Jobs there would have been no Apple; I wish Apple was not publicly traded as we would get rid of some of the scum here whose only interest are their bloody stock prices!

    I echo these sentiments. Although Apple is a business, you can just tell that the products truly have heart. To each their own ?
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    Get well soon and enjoy the family time!
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    I hope that Steve Jobs is not as sick as we all think. He has been great for apple. He is a fighter and i have heard that he yells at other people at board meetings with other companies to get what he wants. He is what gives apple its guts. I am not saying someone else couldnt do this, but in the technoligy world, who doesnt know Steve Jobs. As a customer i hope he is alright, and that he feels well in his time off and can get back to pushing the line for more great products soon. As a human being i say feel better, and best wishes.
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    adjeiadjei Posts: 738member
    Originally Posted by gastroboy View Post

    Seems absolute denial by the KoolAid gang didn't work.

    Onto Plan B.

    Apple stole your little bitty iphone, is that why you keep on hating on them, poor little baby. Idiot.
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    Originally Posted by Virgil-TB2 View Post

    IMO the time at Next sobered him up and made him into the guy he is today.

    I would also go as far as to say that his Pixar acquisition contributed to his "growth".
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    You see, I'm not worried about Apple at all because for me the spirit of Apple (bit corny but for lack of a better way of describing it) lives in all of us, from the forumers on here through the employees of Apple and up to the likes of Jonathan Ives. That's something which is immortal (and tbh I really don't think you will see a Lumberg come in there and take over).

    So you know, give yourself time to recover Steve (cos you've earned it), in the meantime I am sure Apple will be fine.
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