Apple+Orange France=Cash Machine: 86EUR/month of Net profit!! (by iPhone!!)

in iPhone edited January 2014
Amazing !!

French Court of Justice forced Orange France to reveal terms of the deal they signed with Apple...

Each iPhone sold by Orange produces 86Euro of net profit for the carrier!!!

That means 700Millions Euros since the phone has been launched last year in France!

All details published today by the first French Business Newspaper "LES ECHOS"


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    hill60hill60 Posts: 6,992member
    Interesting a quick check of Orange's French website reveals a 16GB black iPhone is ?609 upfront then ?15 a month for 18 months = ?879 and to do this Orange are going to pay Apple ?1548 over the 18 months.

    Is it Apple's fault Orange make poor business decisions?
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