Apple pulls NVIDIA graphics update, reasons unclear



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    This update fixes my DP (analog to VGA) screen blinks at maximum resolution. So I am happy. The problem has been the release notes are not explicit enough to describe the things that it should address. I am not saying that it should completely fix some of the outstanding issues, but at least IMPROVES on the ones it addresses. Also to state what it DOES NOT address so users do not have the wrong expectations.

    As Apple users, the majority of people have high expectation whether Apple likes it or not. The "Apple Tax" has something to do with this. It is a good things that should foster better transparency and hence better trust with the user base.
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    Originally Posted by talkshowonmute View Post

    In Apples defense. It has a lot more on its plate considering it actualy does the computer and the software

    That's not a defense! That means Apple has to get it's software to work on about 15 different configurations (mainly made up of the same basic components), while Microsoft has to deal with several thousand different configurations...

    Also, the original article states that there don't seem to be any posts in the Apple support forums about this - that's because Apple is well known for deleting all posts relating to problems that don't have simple do-it-yourself fixes yet. I had about 15 posts deleted after the notorious Superdrive update that toasted basically all superdrives (which Apple pulled after about an hour). The only solution was to totally replace the superdrive, which wasn't covered under warranty as it wasn't a "common issue" (even though there were several thousand affected users who posted on various non-apple support forums! If you want to know the extent of problems with apple products/updates, don't check the Apple site, it's just an extension of the company propaganda/advertising wing.
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    Originally Posted by [email protected] View Post

    I'm using the new aluminum MacBook (not the Pro) and having the same problem with the video cutting out, but only on my external monitor. (The monitor works fine on my Windows system downstairs, so there's no problem with the monitor.)

    What I haven't seen discussed is the possibility that it's the mini-DVI to VGA adapter, not the graphics chip, that's causing the problem. Isn't this the adapter that has some digital-rights management chip embedded in the adapter cable? Maybe that's the problem instead of the graphics chip?

    In any event, the problem seems to be with the video output, not with the chip itself; I've had no problems with the built-in LCD even running it for 4+ hours on battery power. That's probably a clue to what's going on.

    --Geoff ([email protected])

    I got the blinking problem on my MBP that the graphics update actually FIXED!. Now my setup for external monitors are perfect. Previously, the 9400M flickers and switching to 9600GT fixed it. Now the flickering is gone, so I am happy. No apparent other side effects for me, it seems.

    Previously, only the maximum resolution caused the flickering using the DP-to-VGA adaptor.
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