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I have some nagging questions regarding iTunes 8 (up to the current version). I'm a PC user, for one (thus my questions are in reference to the Windows version), and the first question on my hit list is, are there any differences in preference options between the Windows and Mac versions? I've never had the opportunity to compare, but going from 7.7 to 8, I've noticed some (glaring?) omissions in the preference options. One being I see no burn settings. I could be overlooking something obvious, but my eyes are telling me otherwise. There are import settings, but what about burn? This is not to say I'm a filthy pirate, but I still do like to create those things called music cds every now and then. Second, for the love of God, is there a way in iTunes 8 to turn off the Store links? I know 7.7 clearly offers an option to turn these suckers off. Is Apple that adament about luring users into iTMS? Also, I've skimmed some reviews here and there, and I've read things like iTunes 8 being able to create CD labels and importing files into a "wide-range of file-types" (CNET). Yet I've never seen any options like these anywhere in the menus (import file-types are still the same). I toy around with iTunes 8 at work, but I've been relying on the tried-and-true 7.7 at home. So in the end, am I just being a Windoz idiot, are are these questions legit? Thanks!


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    There are not any significant differences in Preferences for Windows vs. Mac OS X. The only real differences have to do with the OSes themselves (i.e. iTunes for Windows has a system tray icon, Mac OS X uses the dock, etc.). iTunes for Mac does not have "burn preferences" either. Of course, I rarely burn discs in iTunes, if at all, and I haven't yet done it in iTunes 8, so I'm not the person to ask about that.

    You can learn how to get rid of store links here.

    iTunes cannot create CD labels and it hasn't gained any drastic format support. Personally, I use variable bitrate mp3 since it's widely supported and virtually indistinguishable from the source with the audio equipment I have. I feel it's best to find one versatile format and stick with it instead of having to convert when buying a new machine or switching platforms.

    Hopefully that answers most of your questions.
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    Thanks teed for the insight and that great link. Strange that Apple actually took out those options, we'll have to see if they reincorporate them in later versions.
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