Creators of Fallout 3 say next project is an iPhone game

in iPhone edited January 2014
It was revealed at the New York Comic Con during a live panel that the creators of Fallout 3 and Oblivion, Besthesda Softworks, would be working on an iPhone game as one of their next projects.

Further details are not available on the project, which could be a oft-whispered Fallout Touch or a completely new property. The iPhone as a games platform is starting to gain enough acceleration for studios to consider it worthy of developing new IPs for.

Newsweek's N'gai Croal reported the news from his twitter, describing it as "the biggest news from the comic-con panel".


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    MarvinMarvin Posts: 14,577moderator
    I hope that it's not just going to be a mix of Fallout gameplay with the Silent Hill iphone game of running down a corridor to be met with a single enemy. Fallout is not much more than a very boring run and gun game with a targeting system that lets you inflict damage on the part of the enemy you choose resulting in a head explosion or limb removal.

    That would be an absolutely terrible game just like Silent Hill is. I would hope they'd be a bit more creative than that but Oblivion is fairly boring too. I don't see why high end games involve so much travelling. Sure it's nice to see an expanse of scenery but what's the point if it takes you 15 minutes of basically holding the forward button to get to somewhere only to die and have to do it all over again?

    I miss the last gen games where you had very clear objectives and short, involving levels. I want games like they had on the PSone and PS2. Like the original Metal Gear Solid. There is a rumor of a touch version of MGS coming and if they do the gesture interaction right, that would be a great game. Not so much if it turns out like Metal Gear Acid though.

    Modern games lack purpose. They don't give you a reason to play the game or complete an objective. In many ways, this is why I'm more interested in the mobile devices than the high end consoles. Limiting the graphics power means that developers have to find other ways to add value to the game than high poly count and normal maps. In theory anyway. Sadly what has been happening is similar to what you get with the Wii, the same uninteresting games but the graphics are also poor.
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