3dsmax in OS X ???

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I've read a article mentioned Discreet plan to bring 3dsmax to OS X.Is this true ??

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    You probably read that on Architosh. While it would be nice to see 3DSMax on OS X. it probably won't happen. 3DSMax relies heavily on the Windows API. It was practically written for Windows and Windows only.

    Lately Discreet has been more open to cross-platform development. 3DSMax would have to be re-written in order to run on other platforms. I don't see this happening for a while due to the fact that not only would 3DSMax have to be re-written but all the plugins that 3DSmax relies heavily on would have to be re-written as well with the new SDK.

    The good news (if you want to call it that) is that I hear Discreet has reached a limit as to how much more they can expand 3DSMax due to its architecture. So they may well be in the process of re-thinking 3DSMax or even working on the newer version now.

    Personally I prefer Maya and Lightwave/Electric Image. But being able to choose between a myriad of software for OS X would be better for a lot of people.

    - trowa
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    Does anyone know any v-ray setting for 3d max to have the fastest render time? I'm trying to render an interior scene and what I?ve got takes me so many hours to come up with one decent image.
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    They will be at MacWorld: http://www.solidthinking.com/newslet...12_sT_eng.html

    Altair Corporation of Michigan who is huge in engineering CAD/CAE tools bought them. That should help expand them to the US.


    solidThinking was originally on NeXTstep/Openstep.

    If you get a chance at MacWorld, would you drill them on their continued plans for version 8.0 to be the latest Cocoa?

    Several universities under the Academic section have discount packages.
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    hi is there 3DSMAX software for Mac osx
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    Originally Posted by Iyyappan View Post

    hi is there 3DSMAX software for Mac osx

    Nope and I wouldn't hold my breath waiting. I think you can run it in Bootcamp on the Intel Macs.
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    Boot camp means intalling xp in a new partition right , other mac os x
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