Spilled Macbook repair question?

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
I spilled my macbook earlier and i had like 4 minutes of battery life left. After that, the macbook shut off (due to having no power) But as i tried to charge it it did not work so i went to futureshop to see what was wrong. apparantly they estimated the repair cost to about $500-$600

They said the reason was that the hard drive had failed and the battery died

That does not make sense since i spilled it and it was working.

Any ideas?


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    if you dumped it on the floor & it shut off...

    either you blew the logic board out or busted the connection to the battery.

    unless it was writing all kinds of stuff to the hard drive, it can still be ok.

    if apple still offers that program where you can send it in for $399 or so & they will fix mechanical problems, you would be better off doing that.
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